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The transfer of Caedmon.org.uk to a new provider is now complete.
The video section is unavailable, as this is being revamped,
and new content is being added during the next couple of months.
Thanks in advance to those people who have sent images to be used here.
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This web page was first created on the last day Caedmon spent afloat (17th April). Caedmon was recycled at the Smedegaarden breakers yard in Esbjerg. Cenred arrived before Caedmon was stripped (and was used to keep Caedmon afloat). Cenred followed next, with Cenwulf arriving just as Cenred was about to go up the ramp. Cenwulf followed in due course.

The first set of pictures to be posted were taken on my final visit to Caedmon at Smedegaarden on 14th April (the last day it was possible to fly from the UK because of the Icelandic volcano ash cloud). On 4th July, I posted 3 pictures of my chunk of her hull.

If you have anything you want to contribute to this site, please email editor at caedmon dot org dot uk. I will give all contributors full credit and links to their sites etc.

New submissions are being added regularly, so I would be pleased to accept anything you have to add - pictures, stories and other information regarding Caedmon, Cenred and Cenwulf, near sister Cuthred (Mira Praia), St Catherine (GB Conte) and Our Lady Pamela.